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Are you looking for the best WordPress Theme Detector for free? Then check the below top 5 ways to find a theme of any WordPress site.

Best Websites to Detect WordPress Theme

If you ask me for a popular tool for website designing, in no time I‘ll say it’s WordPress. Because using WordPress you can develop the best sites or blogs with zero programming knowledge.

What is a WordPress Theme?

It’s a collection of files such as style sheets, templates, and coding which can be applied for your blog/site.

A blog/website should attract the reader and moreover keeping the stuff directly into the website gets failed in attracting a reader. So, making a website/blog is the mandatory thing for online business.

To apply a perfect WordPress Theme for your blog, you should know the complete information about that theme, right?

Why we need the website’s theme’s information:

You might have seen one theme, you very much liked it and you had a thought to apply for your site.

So, definitely you need the WordPress theme’s basic info.

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Now, let us have a discussion of the Best Websites to detect WordPress themes. The following are the best WordPress detectors.

  1. What WordPress theme is that?
  2. What theme
  3. WordPress theme detector
  4. SCAN WP
  5. WP Sniffer 

1. What WordPress theme is that

 It is the first WordPress tool that is introduced and became so popular since it introduced (in 2011).

As it is a free tool, you no need to purchase and download it. Just simply enter the URL of your favorite site in this tool, it will give you the information you are looking for.

 Along with the theme’s info, it also gives the plugin information of that site but in a limited way.

The theme of the site may be a parent or child; so, this tool also gives you whether the theme is a parent or child one.

And it also capable of identifying the sites built on Joomla and Drupal.

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2. Code in WP

The foremost benefit of using this tool is, it lets you know whether the site is built based on WordPress or not.

And, I can say it is a bit different tool and having some distinct features when compared to other tools as CodeinWP is used to detect Blogger, Shopify, Joomla, Ghost, Tumblr, Drupal, Big Cartel, and Magento.

It gives the complete information of the theme along with other details like name of the theme, version of the theme and author of the theme, license and description of tags and all.

And unlike What WordPress Theme is that it is not capable of giving child theme’s information.

3. WP Theme Detector

This tool not only gives the theme’s information but also the plugin’s information.

And It gives the complete information of the theme along with other details like the name of the theme, version of the theme and author of the theme, parent and child theme’s info, the active plugins in the theme.

Also, whether we can customize the theme and some statistical information about the theme too.

As we observe, the WordPress Theme Detector tool is providing detailed information about the theme, it takes more time, and moreover, this tool is slow in information processing.

In general, if we want to purchase a product online, we ‘ll check for its reviews, right?

So, to have some idea of how many people are using that product and if that product is working as per their expectation. In the same way, this tool also provides the details of the number of sites using this particular theme.


Similar to the other WordPress theme detecting tools, the other we have is SCAN WP.

It gives you the theme-related information such as the name of the theme, author and version of the theme. And the price of the theme also is available here.

Like the other WordPress theme detectors, working with the SCAN WP tool is very easy.

The user needs to give the URL of his favorite website in the textbox that has provided in the tool.

In a single click, the total information will be made available to the user.

The main advantage of this tool is, to give us the link directly to purchase or to download the theme/plugin.

And the limitation with this tool is, it can’t scan all the plugins of the theme.

5. WP Sniffer

The last but not least to discuss is about the WP Sniffer tool.

The chrome extension that we have to detect the website’s WordPress theme is the WP Sniffer tool. Once it is installed, it can be visible on the right of the Chrome toolbar itself.

And this tool is dynamic in nature; why because it automatically turns to orange as if any new WordPress theme is recognized.

Unlike the other WordPress Theme detectors, WP Sniffer doesn’t give us the theme details instead directly redirects to those websites which can direct us to the particular theme.

So, the main advantages that we have with this tool are, easy to install-and-use it and the tool’s color gets converted to orange color on recognizing the new WordPress. 


I hope you have got the solution for your WordPress Theme Hunting. Choose the right theme, mostly try to use well-optimized themes.

If we missed any other best tool you know in finding WordPress themes, please post that in your comments below.

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