What is a Landing Page? Why you need it – How to Make Beautiful Landing Pages that convert well

Are you confused about what is a landing page, why you need it and How to Make a Beautiful Landing Page That Converts? Well, finally you have arrived at the right place at the right time.

Below I have explained all about Landing Pages, Squeeze Pages and Sales Pages in a step by step process.

Lets starts from very basic to a have clear idea.

What is a Landing Page and Why you Need It

When examining the difference between a squeeze page, a basic landing page, and a sales page, you will want to begin by determining the basic setup and information contained on each page.

A squeeze page is like a landing page but is more often linked through an email newsletter for customers who have signed up for the service.

The standard squeeze page is also most often used to share customer testimonials and information that promotes the product you are trying to sell by showing the product in the best way possible. Links are not usually incorporated into any squeeze page.

The landing page is used to provide more information for customers to use when deciding whether to buy the product and contains no links to other products or pages.

Like a squeeze page, the landing page is separate from your main website. The focus is to promote a single product on both the squeeze page and the landing page. But the landing page is more factual and less of a testimonial than the squeeze page.

A sales page is typically longer and more detailed than a landing page or a squeeze page. In fact, a squeeze page may only ask for a name/email address or sometimes both. But a sales pages give you a large amount of information and several testimonials throughout the page.

A squeeze page is often chosen for the potential to build a customer database through email. If you opt for this rather than a landing page, for example, the person can opt-in to receive emails.

Over time, the emails may persuade the customer to buy a product even if they don’t make a purchase on their initial visit.

What is a Landing Page

As you know the landing page is the web page that an Internet surfer lands on when clicking on an ad, email link or another form of advertisement.

The purpose of this page is to introduce a product or service and give the reader enough information to want to discover more about it.

The landing page is usually a single page, separate from your main website. Your site may have several products or services; however, a landing page has only one theme as its focus.

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There are no outgoing or global links to the main website. The sole purpose of the landing page is to concentrate on one product, idea or service and guide the user in making a decision.

Different Types:

One form of a landing page is the click-through page and its purpose is to lead the reader into buying or subscribing to your product or service. The other type is the lead generating page.

Its purpose is to capture the viewer’s contact information, such as name and e-mail address. It will be done by offering a subscription to a series of e-mail-based lessons or newsletters, a contest entry, a free trial offer or discount coupon. This allows the site owner to contact the viewer with offers later.

There are two schools of thought concerning landing page design.

One is the long sales letter style that will sometimes provide a long, descriptive explanation, several testimonials.

This information might be in video format, which is formatted in both paragraphs and bulleted lists.

It will have a call to action near the bottom of the page and sometimes sprinkled in other locations as well. This type will often focus on features of the product or service.

The other style uses a shorter format. It has a primary headline, announcing the Unique Selling Proposition.

Sometimes a secondary, explanatory headline is used as well. The product or service description usually focuses more on benefits than features to appeal to the viewer.

Photos or videos of the product in action are often included. It will include a call to action, as well as a secondary CTA for those who are not ready to commit yet. All these elements are “above the fold,” which means that the reader does not have to scroll to view them.

Why Use A Landing Page for Your Business?

Every helicopter needs a port, and assuming your web site is a helicopter (work with me), you need somewhere for your pilots to land.

If not, they will just hover in midair, their productivity completely shot, until they run out of gas and fall out of the sky.

What this perhaps too graphic example indicates is that every business needs a place to call home.

Especially if your business is selling products that are expected to last for a long time and may require maintenance from the manufacturer, or if you give any kind of warranty with your product, people will simply expect a landing page.

Why you need a Landing Page

Therefore, long-term businesses do not base their web presence on free WordPress or eBlogger pages.

The purpose of a landing page and when to use a landing page is also to have a place to drive customers from many different advertising vantages.

If your marketing is done right, you will have customers come in from offline advertising, word of mouth, online advertising, and the public relations that others will do for you (because your product or service is just that good). They need to have someplace to tell people to go; that would be your landing page.

You also want a landing page for search engines like Google, Bing etc. As you drive traffic to your landing page, it creates a sense of familiarity with a search engine spider, which will then give your page popularity and seniority points, both of which raise that page in the search engine rankings.

As well, if others link to your landing page, you gain backlink score, the most important criteria for search engine rankings.

If you do not have a landing page for your business, these hits which would otherwise drive search engine placement up and expose you to even more customers will be interspersed between many pages, offering you little benefit in the long run.

Businesses with landing pages simply last longer and do much more business than those without.

When to Use?

Landing pages will lead visitors to a specified destination on your website as decided by you or the website owner.

Landing pages are a simple, effective way to promote certain products or services offered by your company. Also, can be used in a wide variety of situations to create a new interest in some of your products.

Getting Results

The results of any online advertising campaign will ideally lead to improved sales within your company. Most experts recommend that you write and use a landing page specific to each advertisement that you use.

Having a landing page for different advertisements will help you analyze traffic easily. Also, will also ensure the customer doesn’t get distracted by other products or services offered.

In general, your advertisement will link something simple like a WordPress landing page. The page will have the advertised product, the cart, and will link to your preferred checkout methods.

The simplicity of the page and its contents gives the consumer the information they need about the product you are advertising while limiting their choices for browsing through other products and services.

Why Does Each Advertisement Need a Page?

When working online to advertise products you will typically have very little space for sending information about your product.

For example, if you have a small banner ad on a cooperating website then all the customers may see is the name of the product or service and an image that represents the product or service.

Customers won’t have all the information that they need to make the purchase even if they are interested in what you are selling.

A WordPress landing page can be the perfect solution to explaining your product. Landing pages are inexpensive and will work to focus customers on one specific product you need to sell.

The page can also be set up to offer discounts through a specific advertisement.

For instance, if you are offering readers a 25% discount when they click through to your website from a specific ad, the landing page can be set up to reflect the discount.

Readers who come to your main website through other sources won’t be able to see or use the discount.

How to Make a Beautiful Landing Page That Converts Best

Use the best tools that are available in the market such as LeadPages, click funnels, etc.

Why because they provide you the best landing page templates that convert well. They have a very huge customer database, from which they can get different kinds of landing pages and their conversion rates, etc. So, by analyzing the data all they have and will provide you the best converting landing page templates.

Offer something unique and valuable proposition for your visitors

Like others don’t just offer simple free pdf’s or just some weekly updates and all. These things don’t work at all, offer something unique and that solves the long-term problems that your visitors have. It should be very amazing and add some value to your visitors. Then only they gonna opt-in and buy from you.

Write Engaging Content

Don’t create a long landing page with unwanted content, because it might cause you to lose good valuable traffic. Just keep it simple and be specific to the point which keeps your audience engaged.

I’m not against long landing pages, you can create long ones too. But what I’m saying is just remove the extra fields and content that didn’t require.

Create Video

You must have a video that explains everything in good logical order. Also, explain what your visitors can get when they opt-in/subscribe or buy your product. Make sure your video should be specific and keep it as short as you can (Between 1 to 3 mins). You might get a smaller number of subscribers, but the quality of traffic you get here is very high.

Testimonials/Case Studies

If possible try to add testimonials or case studies images/videos. Because it gives some sought of trust and a good positive impact that makes them buy or opt-in for your product/services.

That’s it! I hope now you have a clear idea of what is a landing page, why every business should have it, and how you can create the best landing page, etc.

Please share your thoughts and suggestions on this post through your comments and please don’t forget to share with your friends.

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