Top 10 Websites to Check DNS Propagation – Ultimate DNS Lookup Tools

Before getting into Websites to Check DNS Propagation, Let’s know about What is DNS and why it is so important.

DNS stands for Domain Name System which is like a directory of the internet.

Generally, we use domain names (like, to get the information from the internet.

What DNS does is it translates the domain names to IP addresses. And Web browsers interact with the IP addresses. Finally, web browsers make the internet resources available to the user.

Websites to Check DNS Propagation

What is DNS Propagation?

It is the time taken by ISP (Internet Service Provider) nodes to update their caches with new DNS information of your domain.

In general, people, who work with websites and Blogs are familiar with the term DNS Propagation (Domain Name System in short DNS).

When does DNS Propagation occur?

Let us understand this with one sample scenario.

Currently, you are using the domain and you want to change it to

Websites to Check DNS Propagation

So, you have to update the information in DNS servers.

When you request for, the following steps take place:

  • Initially, that request goes to the local DNS server of your ISP
  • Local DNS server searches in the cache to check whether the’s IP address is already existing or not.
  • If exists in the cache, it will be provided to your website/blog.
  • If not found in the cache the request will be re-directed to the Root DNS server; which is the endpoint for the domain request process. The root servers tell the DNS server about the servers that are available for your domain.
  • DNS server provided once the domain once gets registered and once the domain gets expired, it will be removed from the root servers.
  • After the server gets selected, the local DNS server will query the server which can provide the IP address of the domain name to the DNS server.
  • DNS server caches the domain information and provides it whenever they request for.

And the domain information will have some validity which means domain info will be deleted after a specific period of time.

FYI: How to choose right domain name for your website

The main advantage of domain info being cached is, no need to go to the Root DNS server every time instead can be selected from the cache itself which is a time-saving process.

How long it will take for DNS propagation

Timespan will be taken for the propagation process is a min of 24hrs to a max of 48 hrs.

DNS propagation process varies depends on multiple factors like domain, host, the volume of the request, and the domain registered. So, process timing will be different from one another.

Propagation process takes time; it doesn’t mean that your blog/website will be down all the time.

And the process may finish in just 5 to 6 hours; it doesn’t mean that your blog/website is completely ready instead you can start feeding the blog’s traffic without any conflicts.

Finally, what exactly DNS propagation means?

It is the process of moving from one domain of one host to the other in another host. 

This means, moving the entire blog or website content from one domain to another domain. And during this process, you may see some slowness in traffic for your blog.

The completion of the propagation process can be seen by using different tools like What’s my DNS.

Along with the above tool, many websites are there to check the DNS propagation.

10 Sites to Check DNS Propagation

View DNS

It has the ability to check the DNS propagation up to 19 servers worldwide, “View DNS” tends to exhibit the IP address of the particular place from where the data is gathered.

DNS Propagation Checking Tools

You can use these tools by just typing any domain name for checking the authentication of propagation.


Tools to Check DNS Propagation

Nexcess will confirm DNS Propagation from over 22 servers around the world. Also, it provides information about AAAA, A, NS, CNAME, TXT, MX, and SOA records, etc.

DNS Checker

DNSChecker website checks for DNS Propagation from more than 24 Servers around the world.

DNS Propagation Checker

It will collect information about any type of website and can display the results over a world map with the measures of cross and crisis.


Ceipam is one of the best free DNS checking tools from Camscape. This DNS Propagation Checker allows the data transfer from more than 16 servers from different locations. 

How to Check DNS Propagation

It also provides tools like Whois, HTTP headers, HTTP compression, Page rank checker and Email test.

Site 24X7

Site 24×7 is like a hub of a database that checks for DNS propagation from more than 50 locations on a global basis.

Best DNS Lookup Tools

It also provides total response time, DNS resolve, linking time and first-byte time.

App Synthetic Monitor

It has 4 remarkable features that help us to check DNS Propagation of the website from 90 different stations across the globe.

App Synthetic Monitor DNS Lookup Tool

With this tool you can check the website, locate Ping, craft traceroute of a website and can carry out DNS analysis.

Into DNS

INTODNS Tool to Check DNS information

This tool is equipped with checking the configuration and also suggests the best solutions for the good health of any website for improvising the site’s performance.


Preshweb DNS Propagation Checker

It is one of the simplest tools to check DNS Propagation and gives you detailed information about NS, A, AAAA, TXT records.

What My DNS

whatmydns DNS Tool

This tool gathers the DNS Propagation information from around 21 servers across the world and also shows the IP Address of the server that provided information.

DNS Unlimited

dnsunlimited Tool to Lookup DNS information

This DNS Propagation Tool is simply awesome and has some unique features that check for DNS Zones around the world.

That’s all about DNS Propagation Checkers, choose any tool based on your requirement, and get the information you need. If I miss any other best tool that you know, please let me through your comments below.

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