Web Hosting Fundamentals You Must Know – Key Web Hosting Terminologies

Every website owner must know a few basic Web Hosting Fundamentals before making any blog/website. If not, when you are going to do online business for the first time and going to launch your website then you may feel all the things very confusing and tough.

Important Web Hosting Fundamentals

So in this article, I will explain all the basics and fundamentals of web hosting. The words and terms that are used in the process of making and launching of any web site are very long but they are very easy in reality.

Web Host Company / Service Provider

A web host or provider is the person / Organization who launches your website on their server so as it can come online.

Web Hosting Fundamentals

They provide disk space on their server for your site. So you have to choose the best web host who can provide you a good plan for your site and also the best of his services. So select any good host and launch your website on to their server.

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Then your site comes in the ocean of the internet and now any visitor or customer can access your site. So before launching your site, you need to check the host to ensure that he will provide good tech support.

Disk Space on Server

This space is given by the hosting provider for your site as you can launch your site and it can display on the internet.

Disk space is as same as the space on your computers hard disk. Any host will give you this space according to the need of your site. Disk space is measured in MB / GB. And with this space, you can store your data on your site.


Bandwidth is also provided by the provider for your site and according to its needs. It is actually the amount of data that can be taken out from your site by the user of your site within the period of the bandwidth.

And the period of bandwidth is the length of the time that is allotted to your site and it resets again and again per month.

Bandwidth is also measured in MB and GB. So before choosing any host, clear the point that he should allocate you more bandwidth as you may need it.

This is because if in future your business expands and you get more customers then you will need more bandwidth.

Domain Name

Before launching your site on the internet you also need to register the domain name that represents you on the net or you may call it personal identifier on the internet.

This is the address that is typed by the user of your site so as to reach your site. Some hosts may offer you a free domain name in the package of hosting plan. Whereas some hosts may give you domain name on some small amount of fee.

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Domain Names - Web Hosting Basics


The database is structured query language like SQL, MySQL, and MS SQL, etc. These languages are used to interact with the database of your site.

You need the database after some period of hosting your site as you collect some information or some material about your customer and you need to save it then you will require a database.


HTTP is a hypertext transfer protocol. It is the language on which your site works on the internet. Or you may define it as the protocol that helps the web page in transferring from one place to another place.


Html (HyperText Mark up Language) is a language is used to make your site whether directly or indirectly. This language is very easy.


FTP (File transfer protocol) is the protocol that is used for sending the web pages and files from your computer to the server.

If you are offered this method for sending your files then your host will provide your login information.

If the server on which your site is launched is working on the windows environment then you can use FTP by typing FTP: // on to you’re My computer on a window box and then you will be able to use this protocol.


This is a very common ‘post box’ system of emails. It is used to retrieve the email for further use. All emails are saved in it.


SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is used to send emails. As you will launch your site you will need email accounts and then this protocol will help you.

In the beginning, you do not need to understand my about all the above elements that are involved in the process of hosting a website but then also you should know what every term stands for.

Web Design Programming Languages - Important Web Hosting Terminologies

There are many languages that are used to develop your site like Java, Perl, .NET and many more. But if you are going to involve in this website procedure for the first time, then you better start with simple language like HTML.

These above-told languages are not very difficult to learn but you need some base to understand them.

For making your site professional and setting it up with advanced features you may need some professional person who can make a good site for you.

Many big companies do this for making their site. For designing your site you can hire the best web designer who can make your site with a professional look.

I hope I have covered most of the important web hosting fundamental terminologies. Please let me know by your comments if I have missed any.

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