Best Web Design Tips – How to make a website Attractive & Professional

Web developers are helping each other, newbies in the industry can consider the tips for all web developers below as a guide in coming up with the best and outstanding web designs and layouts that attracts traffic.

Best Web Design Tips for a Professional Site

The truth is, there are so many open sources that web designers and web developers can view as a reference, there are tons of mobile programming hacks, and a few tips for responsive web development.

The list below presents the top ten tips and tricks for all web developers that will serve as a helpful guide for all their development projects.

Pivotal Booster

A team of web developers had been using Pivotal Booster and Pivotal Tracker with their project management which has a bug or feature tracking ability.

Developers recommend the use of Pivotal Tracker because it has lightweight options and is generally simple.

Super Simple Home Page

Make sure your site home page is free of clutter and minimalistic. Your site visitor rarely read all content on your page. They just quickly look for what they actually wanted.

Make use of icons and images to communicate with the user. Of course, the text is also necessary, but arrange them up with larger clear subheadings and small readable paragraphs.

White Space

This trick can be done by shrinking down your white space as well as the function names of the CSS and JavaScript.

This will help you in reducing the load times of your page. You can do this by combining all the files from CSS and Java to one or two files then passed through using YUI Compressor.

Remove Stock Images

Never use some other stock images without having proper rights. Use your custom images which indicates the content present on your web page with clear. You have only few seconds to grab your user’s attention, so make use of the right images without having any copyrights issue.


This is recommended to those who are a fan of Mac Application, the TextExpander. It allows the developers in assigning shortcuts to any huge chunks of texts.

Mobile Friendly

Optimize your site for mobile as well. Around 80% of internet users have mobile devices. So, make sure that they won’t get uncomfortable while reading your site content through mobile


Even an expert developer forgets how Photoshop Actions make their lives easier. So, it is advised that you use Photoshop Web Workflow.

After it is installed, all you need to do is click whatever layer within the Photoshop then hit F1.

This will grab the layer place a new document with the exact dimension then will ask you to save it for Web Window.

Dotted Lines

Unboxed offers an intuitive and smart idea on how you can track your progress within coding pages.

This is because there are times when a developer works by the front end then use ‘todo’ or ‘incomplete’ CSS class that gives a dotted outline within the elements.

Your page will not work when they are not finished, so this will help you in seeing what needs to be done before launching your website.

Focus on SEO

Have special attention to SEO(Search Engine Optimization) right from the development of any site. Because it boosts your site ranking in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) which automatically attracts the right visitors.

Do little keyword research and identify the right keywords that your target audience is actually searching for. And make use of them in URLs, in Image Alt Tags, and in content headings.

FYI: Image Alt Tags play a crucial role especially if you are running any sites that offer the best wishing images or valuable quotes, and etc.

Fixed Position

In cases that you wanted to have a fixed contact bar or the navigation located by the bottom of the website, then you need to first remember that there are only a few browsers that support the ‘fixed class’.

This is true with mobile platforms wherein Windows 7 replaced ‘fixed class’ with a ‘static’, this is not a good thing.

Among the browsers that support the ‘fixed class’ include Android 3 and higher, Mobile Safari running on iOS5 or higher, and Blackberry 7.0 and higher.

Active Phone Numbers

Experts recommend the use of href> tag and not http:// as the protocol that you use with tel:

High Vs. Low

This is mostly useful with sites that are capable of retina screens. There are two solutions when it comes to switching images that depend on the responses of the screen resolution.

One you can use the JavaScript framework named: retina.js that uses @2X of Apple’s naming convention in swapping the standard images to a higher resolution version.

You can also supply high-resolution images with iOS devices by using the WebKit image set.

Sprite Me

Using Sprite Me, you can turn background, buttons, and icons to sprites and speed up your page downloads.

You can combine several images in just one file to reduce the request volumes that your client needs to make towards your server. This web developer tip encourages you to group your images according to type.

Last but not least, Ensure your site load in time without any lagging/buffering issues. This can be avoided if you choose the best web hosting provider to host your website.

And design a clear navigation menu that drives your site readers to the right page that they actually looking for.

Hope you like the tips mentioned above, if yes please share with your friends and on your social media platforms. Also, please let us know if we miss any other important tips by commenting below.

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  1. Web engineers are helping one another, beginners in the business can consider the tips for all web designers beneath as a guide in thinking of the best and extraordinary website architectures and formats that pulls in rush hour gridlock.

  2. Great article!

    I love great typographic-based designs. I don’t know what it is about them, but great use of fonts does it for me.

    I’m not that clued up on good typography, but the best tip I ever picked up was to be careful when mixing serif and sans-serif. I generally use serif for headers, titles, etc and sans-serif for the main bodies of text. I think it creates a pleasant balance.

    Graphics, on the other hand, is my thing! I’m not as good at designing them as I’d like to be, but I know how to use the components to put together a great site. I get a lot of stuff from and I have the collection from – I don’t think I’ve had to design anything from scratch in a long time!

  3. I am very impressed with the way the writer has mentioned all the essential points then we all must consider for creating a professional website. All these points which are mentioned in this article are very important and informative for us. We must always consider these web design tips for a professional site. Thank you.


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