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Well, Once you have decided on your website name and category, you will go for either web developer or you may develop by yourself.

But once it is done, you may think that the rest of the things don’t really matter. This is not true. The actual business starts then. You will need to choose a good hosting provider to get your website online.

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Types of Web Hosting Services

The hosting provider is basically those who provide a space for your website on their server so that it can work online. 

They are responsible for your web services like file management and server space because it is practically impossible for everyone owning a website to have their own servers since all can’t afford one.

The constant working of the server is very important for an undisturbed business since the downtime can cause you loss of traffic and decreased page ranking. There are different types of hosting meant for different requirements.

Types of Web Hosting Services

There are too many hosting providers promising 100% uptime and cheaper prices. But not all keep up their promise.

If you are a newbie for web hosting, you may end up choosing a service where you will later have to compromise with a lot of things.

Not all services suit all the websites. So depending on the type of your blog/website, you have to choose the right hosting type and a service provider.

What exactly you are going to do with your blog/website is matters when you choose a web hosting service provider. To decide which kind of hosting you need, it is crucial to know the different types of web hosting available in the market.

Free Web Hosting

Free hosting is definitely one of the most popular types of web hosting service today, for people who want to experience the intricate but highly likable world of web hosting yet were afraid of shedding cash to pay for a hosting fee for the first time, getting one of the many web hosting services for free is their best option.

Free web hosting is just like the training ground for newbies. Free blogging from, discussion boards, forums, and even free small personal/business websites were some examples of free web hosting.

Shared Hosting

In the Shared Hosting concept, multiple websites are hosted on the same web server. This is the most basic and simple type of hosting.

This is suitable for personal, hobby or small business websites. When you purchase shared hosting, you are provided with the space for storing your files online on the server which is shared by multiple users just like you. 

Saving files online will enable you and other internet users to access your website files online.  This is the most affordable and suitable for small business and medium businesses.

Most of the shared hosting services provide unlimited disk space and bandwidth, though most of the website user does not use a large amount of disk space and bandwidth, only a few users use the entire amount provided.

Best Shared Hosting Companies

Since an efficient server is shared by all the hosting accounts, there is the reliability of a good server at an exceptionally lower price compared to having your own servers.

Shared hosting is an appropriate choice for many users, but not right for everyone. Those with high-end technical requirements and want to control the entire server and website, you may need other hosting than shared hosting.

Additionally, if you have a large and extremely active site, you may need more server resources than shared hosting provides.

Check what are Top 10 Best Shared Hosting Companies?


  • Low cost
  • Suitable for small businesses and websites with average traffic.
  • Multiple software options.
  • Own Domain name.
  • Good Support.


  • Comparatively less security since many sites is hosted on one server.
  • Restrictions on traffic volumes.
  • Restricted database support.
  • Restricted software support.

Dedicated Hosting

In dedicated hosting, an entire server is dedicated to serving your single account. That’s why it is called as dedicated web hosting.

You may purchase your own server or rent a server paying to the server owner just like you pay for any other hosting accounts.

If you own a server and you stored it in someone else’s facility, it is known as collocation hosting.

In any of this type of dedicated hosting, the use and administration of the server will be in your control, since the server is dedicated to your site alone.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting

This enables all the aspects to be manageable. So, dedicated hosting is best suited for a website that requires a lot of server space and bandwidth.

Since this type of hosting is a bit expensive compared to the others, you may also need strong financial resources. Because of the same reason, this may not be suggestible for small and medium companies.

Other than this reason, there are plenty of other reasons because of which smaller companies may not prefer this hosting like maintaining such hosting needs higher technical skills. Hence, people new to this field shouldn’t go for this type.

Check what are the Top 10 Dedicated Server Hosting Companies?


  • Suitable for websites with higher traffic.
  • You can have multiple domain names.
  • Efficient email solutions.
  • Efficient database support.
  • Strong software support.


  • Comparatively expensive.
  • One needs to have better technical skills to be able to maintain such a hosting account.

Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting is a combination of both dedicated and shared hosting.  Here a part of a server is dedicated to a single website.

The server will be shared by many sites, but one part of the server will be assigned to each site on that server. This makes it a combination of both dedicated and shared servers.

Best VPS Hosting Providers

Even there is an entire server dedicated to a single site, there is a part of the server which is entirely dedicated to that site.

Limitations by the service provider may often be confusing. Hence, it is necessary to choose one which has the features best suited for your site.

What are the Top 10 Best VPS Hosting Providers?


  • It is more cost-effective than dedicated hosting.
  • It is easy to modify and upgrade the virtual servers.
  • VPS gives access to the server and enables to control few sever functions.
  • Better performance and control compared shared in a price much lesser than dedicated.
  • Powerful database support.
  • The software of your choice can be installed.


  • Users share software components.
  • Much expensive compared to shared hosting.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is conceived from the concept of virtualization, where a single server is segregated into several virtual servers.

Each virtual server is allocated specific portions of the server’s processing capability, memory, and disk space. The concept is practical and simple.

Your costs depend on your actual usage and you don’t have to pay for server resources that you don’t use, as is mostly the case in other web hosting plans with underutilized servers.

Best Cloud Hosting Providers

The fact that the resources are virtualized makes it easy to increase or decrease your allocations on the fly; which simply means you can scale up to a larger virtualized environment as your requirements grow or otherwise scale down if the demands are low. Pretty easy, isn’t it?

What are the Top 10 Best Cloud Hosting Providers?


  • Pay exactly what you need (On-Demand Go Model)
  • Control – you will have good control over the infrastructure, system, and etc.
  • Scalability and Flexibility – No need to rely on spec/configs of web hosting companies.
  • Fast Deployment: Rapid Deployment with just one-click Setup for software installations


  • Little hard to resolve the issues
  • Security – Mishandling of API Authentication Keys can cause big damage.

Collocated Hosting

Co-allocation in web hosting means placing your own web server into the provider’s data center. It will be useful when you want to be built your site according to your specifications and get the best possible benefits of a well-maintained web server.

Managed Web Hosting

It is like a dedicated web hosting only better, a managed web host server is feature-packed. It has all the benefits of dedicated hosting along with excellent add-ons like good system security, software monitoring, and updates and excellent system management.

Managed web hosting is the best option for individuals who wants a fully equipped server with no hard work.

Reseller Web Hosting

A hosting type that allows people to purchase a certain webspace and resell it to other users for an extra profit. It is another avenue for anyone who wants to venture into the highly marketable world of Webhosting.

Check out the top 10 reseller web hosting companies in the current web hosting industry

Different Types of WebHosting Services
Types of hosting based on Operating System:
UNIX Hosting

The hosting means your website will be running on the UNIX operating system. This is the first and knows to be the most reliable operating system for the servers.

Windows Hosting

The hosting means your website will be running on the WINDOWS operating system. This is the service to choose if you are using ASP for server scripting and if you want to use databases like Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL.

These are all the different types of web hosting services available at present in the web hosting industry. I hope now you have a better idea of web hosting services.

Please let us know if I miss any other types of web hosting services through your comments below. Thanks for reading 🙂

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