Top 5 Tools to Generate Blog Post Ideas – Best Free Impressive Ways

Are you in search of Tools to Generate Blog Post Ideas? Don’t worry, like many you’re not alone.

Top 5 Tools to Generate Blog Post Ideas

Nowadays Finding a low competition keyword and ranking by writing articles not that much easy. Because of the increase in the number of marketers and bloggers online, the competition has grown too high.

Tools to Generate Blog Post Ideas

So, choose the best topics wisely to post on your blog. But where do you can find such good ideas?

Well, here below I have mentioned the Top 5 Best Blog Post Idea tools which come in handy to generate excellent blog ideas that can attract traffic as well.


It is one of the best content marketing tools to find famous topics in any niche.

Just enter your target keyword into the tool and it gives you what type of post that gets shared the most. There’s another great way to find even more Blog Post Ideas with this tool.

blog topic generator
blog topic generator – buzzsumo

If your competitor has a popular blog, then it’s a goldmine of great ideas for you. Just enter their blog URL in buzz sumo, and it gives you their most shared blog posts.

Now spin off the results again and come up with your own new blog post topics.

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It is the best tool I personally use when I have run out of ideas for my next blog post. It’s completely free Just type in your keyword and hit get questions.

It’ll find you tons of questions your readers have in their minds in just a few seconds.

generate topic ideas
generate topic ideas using answerthepublic

Definitely, it is a great tool in writing very useful content for your blog audience which will automatically attract great traffic too.

Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator

It’s simple and effective User-friendly Interface makes it easy to use. Just enter your keywords first and click on Add, then again click on “Give me Blog Ideas”.

title generator
title generator – Hubspot Blog Ideas Generator

Now it’ll get you the best attractive SEO-friendly titles you can ever imagine. To get more title ideas go-to option called “A year of Blog Ideas”.

Blog Title Idea Generator

Like its name, it gives the best ideas for your next blog post. It provides attractive and SEO friendly content ideas, which is exactly what you are looking for. 

If you observe its tagline that says “Write for people and search engines”, means for sure your posts are going to have an SEO optimized beginning.

Inbound Now - Blog Post Idea Generator
Inbound Now – Blog Post Idea Generator

Here you don’t have to type any specific keyword. Then click on “Click here to generate Title Idea!” and it shows you the right position to place your keywords in your title so that it looks attractive and is optimized for search engines as well.

Tweakyourbiz Title Generator

Like the above, it is one of the best tools to generate blog post ideas. Just enter your targeted keyword and select the right options and click on submit.

Now, it will give you the best SEO friendly titles ranging from best, problem, lists, how-to, Questions, Secrets and more.

TweakYourBiz - Blog Post Title Generator
TweakYourBiz – Blog Post Title Generator

All the above was a list of 5 great tools to help you in generating awesome blog post ideas. Those are direct ways. Now just let’s look into some great Indirect, and more researched form of content ideas.

Indirect Methods to Generate Blog Post Ideas


Yeah, you already heard about it. It’s a famous question-answer site, that has huge traffic every day. 

Head over to Quora, and search with your target keyword. You’ll find tons of questions people are looking in your targeted niche.

Quora - Best Source to Find Blog Topics
Quora – Best Source to Find Blog Topics

Few questions have a huge number of views but very fewer answers. Create a post on those questions and publish them in your blog.

Now let the people know about it by answering to those relevant questions in Quora by placing your post link.

If your content is good enough you will get huge organic traffic which is an extra bonus for you.


As you know it is one of the most popular networks in the world. Also, the most overlooked source when it comes to searching the blog post ideas.

Search on Twitter with your target keyword by a hashtag (For example #wordpresstutorials). Then it comes with a list of tweets containing your main keyword.

Twitter - Best Source to Find Trending Blog Topics
Twitter – Best Source to Find Trending Blog Topics

Twitter is a great source to find trending topics in your specific niche.


Find out the right questions in your niche by a head over to the appropriate subreddit and look through the posts.

Large subreddits will show with larger font sizes. Pick the topics that have most subscribers.

Reddit - Major Source to View Blog Topics
Reddit – Best Source to get Content Ideas

Once you’re head over to the subreddit you can find the ‘hot’ and ‘rising’ sections. Here you can view the type of posts, for which your audience is craving for.


Both the direct methods and indirect ways listed above, definitely gives you a huge number of titles and content you can write about, right?

So why wasting time, just go and check them now and find the best content for your blog.

I hope I have covered the things you need. If there is anything else, I have missed please let me know through your comments. I always love to listen and learn from you guyz.

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