Major Common Online Threats To Your PC – You Must Know These Now

Are you spending most of the time on the web? then you must aware of what are the common and most dangerous online Threats To Your PC.

Aware of Online Threats to Your PC

Today basically each and everyone is connected to the web, and spend most of their time on the web for searching or buying and much other stuff.

But most of the users are unaware of the threats that can damage your PC instantly without even letting you know.

The web is not a secure place these days because of some malicious users who through their knowledge and skills enjoy damaging and stealing someone’s personal information.

Online Threats To Your PC

As long these types of users exist there will be always a need for Symantec’s, Antiviruses and firewalls.

But there is always a possibility of your PC getting attacked by the online threats. So it’s better to be aware of these types of threats so that you can tackle these problems.

In this post I will make you aware of the different online threats, they are as follows:


Malware is a short form of malicious software. Today it’s the most dangerous online threat on the web. Forget about the spams or viruses, malware is the worst kind of threat that is being used by all hackers all over the world to steal personal information of the users.

Malware software consists of a programming code or script that is made to interrupt different operations or gain personal information of any user or gain access to someone’s PC remotely.

Malware has some of its own types

  • Adware
  • Spywares
  • Trojans
  • Rootkits
  • Worms
  • Backdoor

Spyware and Trojans, worms can be attached to some files or software that may look attractive or desirable to a user. This malware is made FUD(fully undetectable) through crypters so that antivirus does not catch them.

What is Malware Attack

They can steal your personal information and access your computer remotely and destroy your PC completely.

Rootkits are the malware that is used to make the other malicious software undetectable. So that they remain concealed and hence are not detected as a threat.


Keylogger is a program that is designed in such a manner that records keystrokes entered through keyboard and creates a log of the keystrokes that were entered on a PC.

Keylogger not always in the form of software, it can also be a device. These devices are much rarer than keylogger software.

Then this log is sent to the attacker through a built-in E-mail program. Keyloggers allow a hacker to gain access to your sensitive information like if you have entered a bank pin or your email id, the keylogger will record it and send it to the attacker.

This is how dangerous keyloggers are. But if you take certain precautions you will be able to safeguard your PC from a keylogger,

Precautions are:

Anti-keylogging software

If you have a doubt that there is a keylogger installed on your PC, then Just download and install an anti-keylogger. It will check for a keylogger that might have been installed on your PC.


A firewall should always be enabled on your PC. A firewall may not stop a keylogger from creating a log of your keystrokes, but it will definitely stop the transmission of the created log to the attacker through the email program. So it’s really important to have a firewall enabled on your system

Keep a check on programs running

This is one of the important things that a user should do frequently,i.e. they should keep a regular check at the programs that are installed on their PC. If you find any suspicious program installed on your PC then it can be a keylogger.

What is Keylogger Software

Form Fillers

Form fillers are those programs that are designed for web browsers in such a way that they will automatically fill in the details on any site and log users into their accounts.

The user only needs to enter it’s account details in the form filler program and then it will automatically log the user in its account without letting the user enter the details like bank pin no, passwords.

Thus keyloggers will not be able to do anything. There are various form fillers available today on the internet, for example, ROBOFORM

Be Alert

Now, this is the most important thing that you should keep in your mind,i.e, to be alert while surfing on the net, keyloggers are those programs that can be bound with any type of file extension,.jpg,.exe.

So beware while downloading a file from a suspicious site or a suspicious person that you might have met on the internet.

Do not download a file until you trust a user completely. Because most of the attackers on the internet use these techniques to attack the users surfing on the internet.

First, they usually pretend to be a genuine person and will then ask you to download a file. It might find attractive and the file might contain a keylogger attached to it. And then when you open the file, the keylogger will automatically install itself without even letting you know.

By using all these precautions you can definitely save yourself from being getting attacked by a keylogger.

Read more about keylogger here


Phishing is a technique that is used by some malicious hackers to acquire some sensitive information like Passwords, Bank Ids and some very important login details of various accounts.

This word sounds like the word “Fishing” and is quite similar to the technique of fishing. As in fishing the fisherman hooks a bait pretending to be a real food so that he can fool the fishes in the pond and as soon as the fish comes for the bait it gets hooked and gets caught.

The same is the case with phishing that is used over the internet by the users to trap people through fake login pages that are designed by them or are available on the net.

Best Anti Phishing Software

The attackers create a fake/duplicate page of a genuine website like any social site or any bank account page. Then he will set the trap by sending a mail to the user and waits for the user to fall in that trap.

As soon as the user enters his/her details they are caught i.e the login details are sent to the attacker and he knows the access of their sensitive information, it may be an account of social networking site or any bank account details.

The phishing technique is basically done through Email spoofing(means sending anonymous mail) and also through instant messaging.

Phishing requires social engineering skills i.e how you can pretend to be a genuine person to the user whom you want to attack.

This technique has caused a lot of problems for users who are easily trapped in these types of Phishing attacks, it has caused real big damages to the users.

Here are some simple techniques that you can easily remember and save yourself from getting attacked by malicious users.

Anti Phishing Techniques

Social Awareness

One of the important techniques is to create social awareness among the people about these types of phishing techniques.

So that the users browsing the internet can know about these types of attacks that are being carried by some users and thus they will become more cautious while browsing.

This is quite necessary because most of the users do not even know about these types of attacks and thus they can easily fell into the traps set by the malicious users.

Technical awareness

Technical awareness includes the ability to identify between the fake website pages from the legit websites. If you are smart enough then you can easily differentiate between a legit and a fake website.

The user can easily pick up the fake website page from the URL itself, as most the URLs that are used for phishing are different from the original URL of a website if you can recognize the legit page URL, then you will be easily able to differentiate between fake and legit pages.

But these days attackers have developed some new techniques through which they make the URL so much complicated that it’s quite difficult to differentiate between the fake a legit site.

E-mail authentication

This is quite an important technique if you want to save yourself from phishing. Most of the phishing technique relies on email systems i.e the attacker will send you an email pretending to be a genuine company or a site administrator which will contain a link that will redirect you to a page that would look legit to you.

What are Email Phishing Attacks

Now how will you come to know whether the email is secure or it’s fake? Some companies or websites have some special notations or signs that are not available to phishers.

So, if you feel any difference in the email language then do not trust the email. There is always contact information given in the email you can use it to authenticate the email, whether it’s legit or not.

Now, most of you might be thinking that the fake Emails are automatically sent into the spam folder in your mail system, but this is not true.

Today the users have developed so many new techniques that the best email system will not be able to differentiate between the spam and regular email.

So do not get fooled by this thing that fake emails are sent to the Spam folder. I am telling this you from my own personal experience and it’s 100% true.

If you follow these techniques then there is no chance of you falling in such traps. Do tell me about your views on this topic.

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