Make Money with Reseller Web Hosting – Start Own Web Hosting Business Now

Well, I’ve been in the web market for so many years now. But after searching a lot, I found that there is no shortcut on the net that can make dollars instantly.

Make Money with Reseller Web Hosting

But, if you’ve got marketing skills or some sort of talent like writing skills, designing and other stuff then you can easily make money online by sitting at your home.

You can actually start making some money by creating a resellers account. But the question here is that how it works?

First of all, to tell you the truth, there isn’t any rocket science in it. Because once you have created your account, you are now able to host many different websites on the behalf of the 3rd parties.

On the basis of your allotted bandwidth and hard drive space, you can sell hosting services to many people.

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How does this process work?

To explain this process, just imagine that you are a wholesaler of Webhosting services. A reseller will purchase web hosting services from you, and he is going to resale it to other customers to earn some profit in between.

To be frank, there isn’t much work to do for a reseller other than the marketing stuff. Why because all other work is managed by the main web hosting service with their huge infrastructure and equipment.

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Make Money with Reseller Web Hosting

Different categories of Hosting resellers:

Resellers can also be called as sales agents that work for a web hosting company:

Reseller uses different media platforms to advertise the products and hosting services of the hosting company. In other words, you can also call it affiliate marketing because it’s totally based on a referral system.

In this process, customers are actually buying directly from the main hosting company. But reseller just creates a bridge between a customer and a web hosting company. For this service, they get a reasonable amount of commission.

When a customer fills the form at the time of making a purchase, they mention the referral id of the reseller and this is how reseller gets his profit.

Resellers are marketers of the hosting company:

Being a marketer, the reseller starts his own websites, blogs, social media pages, and other platforms to resell the web hosting services. On the other hand, all the support services and order fulfillment is done by the main web hosting company.

Resellers show themselves as the main web hosting company by rebranding all the products and services:

In this category, the reseller handles all the sales support and rebrands the products and services of the web hosting company. And just-in-case if any problem arises, customers get in touch with the reseller’s because they are not aware of the main web hosting company.

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In the end, there are many other methods to make money online, but unfortunately, people are not aware of it that much.

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