What is Linux Web Hosting? – Advantages, Disadvantages, and Top 10 Service Providers

In Linux Web Hosting Operating System, there is server software, a database, and a gathering of coding. Linux is the most preferred and demanded operating system because of its features and vigorous environment. It the next best alternative to Microsoft and UNIX operating system.

Linux Web Hosting Overview

Linux OS, APACHE web server, MYSQL DB, and PHP server coding applications are bundled under one roof that is Linux web hosting and it is also called LAMP Server.

The best reliable web hosting under web-based applications is the Linux, and Apache is grabbing the market of Microsoft servers according to the survey conducted on millions of sites.

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Linux is an open-source operating system, so you have no need to spend on license purchases. The great liking of the Linux operating system is due to its features like reliability, functionality, and price. It also comes with the best security that has made it popular among the hosting industry.

If we talk about its reliability feature you can find a number of cases that will prove its working. Do you know? Linux server runs smoothly for about one year without any technical difficulty or any downtime.

Linux Web Hosting

Whereas, this is not possible with the Microsoft operating system as they need a programmed restart to refresh system resources.

Another advantage of a Linux operating system is security. Whereas the installations are done without any protection, so Linux put patches on those leakages to make the operating system more solid. And also to provide the best of all security features than any other operating system of windows.

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One more advantage of a Linux operating system is its functionality. It is this feature that makes Linux most popular among the server providers and site owners. Like other companies, Linux hosting has power and respect among its users.

The last but not the least advantage is the price of Linux hosting. You cand find many systems that are Linux based and are available in the affordable range in the market.


Everything has its demerits also likewise Linux hosting also has some demerits in it. Linux hosting can not contain with windows operating system and coding feature.

Like ASP coding, modules and extensions that truly belong to Microsoft are hard to run on the environment of Linux. So windows based websites are not hosted on the Linux platform.

Although the management of the Linux hosting plan is very good, the shell-based view of the Linux server can frighten any of its customers.

Moreover, the administrator of dedicated web servers mostly read ambiguous and lengthy procedure of the performance of admin responsibilities.

But greatly the increasing provision of admin cabinet and procedure includes Linux server use easy and more available everywhere.

Linux Web Hosting Security

Technical Benefits:

If you are confused between the Linux and Windows OS’s then view the development and the code in which the site is written. So, that it will help you in determining the perfect operating system for you.

If you are decided on Linux hosting then you are making the right decision. It is the low price based hosting with higher reliability.

Linux has easily available programs and its scripts with control over files and control panel to utilize the admin power.

On the other hand, windows hosting is easy to start and supports very well and can work smoothly with other windows applications like SQL ASP, and front page.

But if you need a plan for hosting your site then you will find many plans and packages from many hosts. But get some initial knowledge to start with Linux hosting.

More about the Environment of Linux:

Here the more details about LAMP Server,

Linux – You will get many other forms of Linux offered by the provider like RedHat, FreeBSD, and many more, Linux offers more operating system under Linux.org.

Linux is a developed version of Minix standard and after that Kernel released and it is known as the heart of the Linux.

Apache – Apache HTTP server project expand and preserve open-source HTTP server as to use for new operating systems like UNIX and Windows NT.

The work of this server is to give protected, competent and capable servers that offer HTTP services in agreement with the latest standard of HTTP. And it was found in a survey that around 65% of websites are based on Apache.

What is a LAMP Server

MYSQL – IT is the most reliable and used open-source database in the world. There are millions of sites that use MySQL to provide high volume.

It is used by the press; yahoo, NASA, Suzuki and many more depend on it for its speed and reliability in the IT world and other departments of the web industry.

PHP and Apache are widely used because they both can work very smoothly on both Linux and Windows operating systems.

Linux involves all the features of other applications, that’s why it always remains in demand.


The major dispute is between Linux and windows and it depends on the coding group of the site, the need for a database according to the site, and reliability. But if you prefer Linux hosting then it will fulfill all your needs according to your site. Linux is also very reliable and cheap.

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