How to Choose Best Web Hosting Services Provider in 2021

After buying a domain name, the next question is how to find the best web hosting service for your website / Blog. Here we have explained all the details that you need to consider while choosing the best web hosting provider.

Find the Best Web Hosting Service

In general, most people buy hosting services even without knowing any technical details of it. They just check the hosting company brand name, discount price only. But later they will understand their mistake and feel upset.

So, if you don’t want to do the same mistake as most people do, then focus on all the below-listed features that will help you to choose the best web hosting service at a low price.

Let’s start,


It’s the data that your Web Hosting Company is going to provide for your website/blog. Let’s assume your site has 1000 MB/month bandwidth, and your website size is around 10MB.

Now for each user, your web server will consume 10 MB to load the website. Means once your site has 100 visitors, a total of 1000MB will be consumed, and then your site will go down.

Bandwidth is the most important factor that you need to consider before purchasing hosting services.

If you buy a managed server, it will automatically expand itself for some additional charge. Around 80% of site downtimes are caused by bandwidth, so choose accordingly.

Storage Space

I guess, this is the only factor I used to consider earlier when am getting my servers, but later I realized there are few more factors to focus on.

Okay, let’s get to the point. Whenever you open any web hosting company’s website, in the hosting plans section you may see that they are going to offer Unlimited Space. But wait, do you think they are really going to offer this?

If not, then why they are saying like that? The answer is simple, just check their terms and conditions page. In many cases, there will be a bar which will be considered as Unlimited Space. You won’t be allowed to use further if your usage is beyond that bar limit.

The bar size may look high enough to you, but it’s not. So, it’s up to you to decide on how much size you need.

Domains & Sub-domains

Most web hosting companies offer a basic web hosting plan which can hold only one domain, that means you can only host one website/blog in it. But do you think you won’t start another blog or site?

If your current site starts doing well, obviously you will go for another site, and then another. So, What’s the point in spending so much money and time in managing all those different web servers?

I myself have more than 15 domains because I always have different ideas in my mind. Then what will I do first? go and get the domain. According to WebHostingTalk company Survey, 20% of people own more than 20 Domains.

You must have clear knowledge of how many domains and sub-domains your server can support. So, you won’t get any issues while adding domains or sub-domains in the future.


One of the most important aspects of a good server is the uptime.

All the other factors, all of them, would matter only if your server has a good uptime score. If your site is down, the other factors of storage and bandwidth and speed won’t ever matter.

So okay, you need a site that has good uptime. But how would you know that? Most sites list 99% as their uptime.

Worry not, here I’m listing some tools which will help you calculate any specific companies’ uptime, and accordingly, you can decide.

The Site to monitor site uptime:

Server Upgrade

As time passes on your site traffic, data size and other factors would also increase over time. Anyhow it feels a bit good as you aware your site is growing bigger. So, you may want to perform a complete server migration whenever your site facing a server load issue.

But it is too must of hassle migrating a site from one server to another. So, before buying hosting services check whether your site allows you to upgrade your plan whenever you want.

Usually, no one wants to depress their customers with sucking speed and downtimes, even you and I also don’t want it right?

Many of us go for shared web servers which are cool until your site reach certain hits a month. Once you exceed that limit, your site will get downtime issues.

So, better verify whether your server allows you a hosting plan upgrade, or not. If it doesn’t, then definitely it is a bad call.

Signup, Renewal ratio

Most web hosting companies will provide their first year of service is almost for free or at around 90% discount of the regular charges. You and I go crazy and get them.

But after a year, our site will site grows a lot. As you are already known, migrating site to other service provider is not an easy task. To Ancash this opportunity, the server company increases renewal price up to 90, compared to what we signed up with.

It’s a sucking mess, right? Now we can’t change our server, and it’s too hard to pay such huge amount. But we can avoid this problem by taking a bit more care during account signup.

So, remember whenever you go to any web hosting company, make sure that you have verified the signup and next year charges ratio.

Refund Policy

Before or during buying hosting services you should ask companies about their return policy guidelines. Like for example,

  • In which cases you will get your full payment return?
  • Will you be paid in full when you cancel your service?
  • Will you be paid to the original payment method (Bank / Cards) or in the form of credits to your current hosting provider account?

Refund Policy is one of the best ways to check the honesty of a company.

Because there are some companies out there who would charge even you cancel your services. Don’t be in shock, it is a BIG TRUE.

All these shitty rules will be mentioned in the terms and conditions in very small fonts. The only you can avoid this issue is by going through T & C Policy. Yeah I know it’s too long to read, but you must. So now you may understand why they make it long.

Cron Jobs

You may ask me, what is cron jobs first?

Well, Cron is a Linux utility that schedules a script or a command on your webserver to run automatically at a given date and time. It is the scheduled Job itself.

These jobs can be anything you choose. Most web servers won’t include cron jobs in the basic plan, or sometimes even in the advanced Plan also.

You may think you have no need for this. But you may feel regret in the future when you need this option. So make sure that your hosting plan has Cron Jobs feature.

Programming Languages Supported

Many people won’t check the languages that are supported by certain web hosting company. This is where some sites got struck. Because to run any specific script on your site, that requires specific languages.

Like Java, C#, Python, SQL, and PHP There are many other programming languages that have been used in developing Sites /Blogs. Many big platforms like WORDPRESS are developed using PHP language only. Not just PHP, you may need other major languages too.

Don’t think you have no use by having them. Your site might demand in certain programming language in future to run some specific important scripts. So, I don’t want you to feel regret by neglecting these features now.

So it’s always a safe play to go about checking the languages that the web hosting company supports.

Backup Option

No one wants to lose their Site Data due to any server error or by any other unwanted incidents. You also hate it right? So, make sure either you or your hosting company has an option to take timely backups. So, it’s easy to restore the data whenever you want.

Few companies let you take a backup, but you can’t restore without paying. In some worst cases, you don’t have a backup feature.

So, make sure your hosting company has an option to take daily /weekly, or at least monthly backups. If they don’t provide any backup option, then you just must stick with the server that has at least has Cron Access. Through cron jobs, you can take auto-manual backups.

One-click Script installs

All most all major companies providing a 1-click auto-install interface for popular web apps like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, etc.

Only a few companies out there which don’t provide this feature. In that case, you must upload manually and configure everything you need which makes you irritate.

So better choose a company that has the best One Click Script Installation feature.

Site Speed

Everyone likes speed, right?

No matter how good your site is, and how many features your hosting company has got, if it’s a slow one. It may affect your site rankings also.

You know the first impression is formed in just 1/12th of a second according to some research. So, just imagine if your site takes much time to load, and the impression your site got due to this.

Now I guess you got my point on how important speed is for your site. Make sure your server has a good speed.

Tech Support

Most of us may not have enough knowledge on server setup, feature installations or on some other coding parts. So, we need to have a good support from the company.

Check how good is your hosting company support system is and how quick they are. Because you need to solve some issues in a few hours. Also, confirm what are the modes of support system?  Like for example Live Chat, Ticket, Emails, and Phone call, etc.

Some company’s support team might be in a different country, so it would be better if they are available 24/7?.


Consider all the above aspects that I have listed above before you spend money on hosting service. Because these are the features that create the best future for your site. Just not for your site it is for any site that wants to grow.

Based on my experiences and others I have listed this huge list. You may choose based on your needs.  Of Course, I might have missed some other important aspects that need to be considered. I really appreciate if you mention it in the comments.

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