7 Best Blog Commenting Tips You Must Know | How to Post an effective Comment on a Blog

Commenting on blog posts has always been an important part of the Blogging Journey. It can help you to gain good quality traffic and builds a good relationship with fellow bloggers. Let’s learn How to Comment on a blog in an effective way.

The beauty and power behind commenting on a blog have been realized from the very beginning and still, this beautiful trend is regarded as one of the most powerful weapons in the blogging arena.

Many senior bloggers would agree with the fact that Mashable has been a consistent comment maker in Techcrunch. Mashable got noticed, established itself and the rest is history.

Ok let me ask you a question: Do you know How to Comment on a blog, a real quality comment? Just dropping by does not do it all.

Have you wondered what the attributes of quality comments are? We always expect a quality comment on our comment page but are we adding quality to our comment before submitting it on any blog?.

How to Comment on a blog

A comment plays a special role in the blogging world. Let’s look at how this little thing plays its role in bloggers’ life and let’s learn how to comment in the best productive way.

7 Best Blog Commenting Tips:

(Please read the full post, it is tricky, especially if you want to leave a comment here-we have set a special rule in the post)

1. Read the full post and then comment.

How many of you do leave comments on a blog post without even reading the post? Yes, many of us do. Let’s be honest. I did it a couple of times, it was a blunder and I am sorry about that.

There are many bloggers who don’t even love to read a para from the post and leaves a comment seeing the title of the post just to add a link.

There are also cases when one scans a couple of lists and post comments on them not even realizing that their comment becomes irrelevant due to other list added on a later part of the post contradicts the former.

How to Comment on a blog

You are a blogger too, just imagine; you work so hard on a blog post, publish it, and expect it to go viral. But in reality, people visit your blog, completely ignore the post and leave an irrelevant comment only to get a link and to promote their post. How do you feel as a blogger? sad 🙁 right?.

2. Address by the Name while commenting.

Are you leaving comments on a blog post for a bot or a Human being? Human, Off-course! Then, why don’t post a comment by addressing the person in concern? So here, this point needs to be attended by the majority of Bloggers.

A vast number of bloggers leaves comment even without being aware of the writer of the post. In many cases, we can see that one who adds a comment is not even aware of who the writer is.

There is a danger of mentioning the wrong person i.e. often, you say hello XYZ (blog owner) ‘a very well written post, you are master in writing this kind of great post’ whereas later you realize that it was a Guest Post.

It can hurt a lot to the writer (takes so much hard work to write one) (The Rule – Address me before leaving a comment; you do so and I would understand that you have read the whole post 🙂 if some don’t; they are caught).

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3. Try to be the first to comment

This is an evergreen tip given by many successful bloggers. Though many may differ but still today, this trick does wonder. I have my own case here.

I have got few benefits out of this trick. Like, I got more traffic back to my site from the blog where my comment stands in front of other blogs.

It attracts the attention of the Blog owner or the writer and recognition. Moreover, we get a reply to a comment (works especially in the case of established blog and bloggers)

4. Try to build a relationship via commenting.

Blogging is all about building relationships and having a network. Traffic from a search engine can make a person read a single post but your network would read your whole blog (provided that you have awesome content).

Commenting is a huge source of attracting the attention of other bloggers especially if you are in the early phase of blogging (I understand it so much).

Don’t just leave words but leave an impression, catch their attention. It helps in the long run. Be-friend with them. We appreciate and encourage through our comment.

Vibrant interaction in the comment section makes and breaks the fate of any blog. And when SEO is so confusing even for established bloggers, why not make this attribute of blog commenting our main arsenal.

You need to check this too How to Write SEO Friendly Content.

5. Don’t be just ‘Nice’ ‘Good’ or ‘Great’ kind of commenter.

How many times we have seen this. What a great post, nice post, very helpful tips, and it’s all over. Does any blogger write a post for time-pass? Like mentioned above, we as a blogger write a post with so much expectation, we hit publish button with a dream that the post could be a game-changer for us.

But still, some guys around almost act SPAM just leaving Good, Better, Best, Great, Nice, and such kind of comparative and superlative words.

Do you really mean it? If they do, then why not you add up more with a reason why you find it so. I usually hate that kind of single liner and have never tried to do that in my comments on different blogs during my entire blogging journey.

6. Take care of writing mistakes.

Many bloggers would agree with me that some of the mistakes as a blogger we do while commenting is in grammars and spelling.

This can be very dangerous. This can create a negative thought in the readers’ minds. It might make them feel that if you are not being able to take care of couples of lines in your comment, there is hardly a chance of having good content in your blog.

Moreover, a spelling mistake can totally change the meaning of your comment. And there is one more thing. We usually differ from other’s opinions.

But it doesn’t mean that we have to be harsh on them. Let’s criticize in a polite manner. Let’s win Hearts with Constructive criticism and we can do it only by choosing words carefully.

7. Proofread the comment before submitting it.

Yes, not only on the post but proofreading is necessary here too. We need to take care of the things mentioned above before hitting the submit button.

One should go through the comment thoroughly before submitting it. Every mistake can be averted if we try to do proofreading.

Proofreading your comment can make you realize whether your comment is quality, thoughtful, and vibrant or not. And there is more; if we do it on regular basis, we create a habit of proofreading and it automatically passes to post proofreading also.

The above-mentioned list is my own. Have compiled it during this one month where a maximum of my days has either passed away on commenting on other blog or reading the comments on a various blog. These are some of the tips as a blogger, I am sharing with you.

Now please leave your quality comment here and make this post more powerful 🙂

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