Crucial Web Hosting Mistakes You Must Know – Save Money & Time

As a blogger/site administrator you must know what are the Common Web Hosting Mistakes to Avoid when you are in search of the best Webhosting Service provider.

Beginners often make the mistake of selecting the wrong web hosting company. If you are a beginner, you must learn about the features of a lousy web hosting company before signing up for service.

Most Common Web Hosting Mistakes to Avoid

Free Web Hosting

Free web hosting providers offer web hosting that is free of charge to the public. Normally, free web hosting is supported by advertisements that appear on the webpages that the customer has setup.

Since the users did not pay for the web hosting, the web hosting company does not offer customer service or attend to problems such as downtime.

Free web hosting is suitable for people who just want a website for personal use. For example, a user may choose to use a free web hosting to publish a picture of her cat.

If you want to make a commercial website, you should buy a web hosting plan. Commercial web hosting plans are more secure compared to free web hosting plans.

Common Web Hosting Mistakes to avoid

Cheap web hosting does not necessarily mean good

There is a large variety of web hosting providers on the Internet. Every web hosting provider offers a different price. If you buy a cheap web hosting plan, you will most likely receive poor customer service. In addition, cheap web hosting usually offers lousy features.

Data Backup

Many web hosts promise to perform backups of the customer’s information. However, you should not depend on the web hosting provider to back up your files. When buying a web hosting plan, make sure it offers a backup tool that allows you to back up your files conveniently.

Subscribing to the wrong web hosting plan

If you did not do research on finding the best web hosting, you could sign up with the wrong web hosting service. When shopping for a web hosting plan, make sure you determine your website’s needs. Once you have determined your needs, you should find a suitable web hosting provider that is reliable.

Use different servers

Some webmasters host their websites on one server. If the server breaks down, all their websites will be down. Instead, you should host your websites on different servers.

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Contact Information

You will need to be sure that the web hosting company that you choose is available any time of the day, week, and even year.

This should be in a variety of different forms including email addresses, phone numbers, or live chat.

You will want to make sure that they also provide live support for that really important question or concern you want to be answered right away.


Another common mistake that businesses tend to make is not paying attention to the amount of bandwidth that the host company has provided them.

If you happen to be using either a free or affordable host site you will not have a lot of bandwidth that is available to you.

This can cause problems with your site as with lower bandwidth it will take longer for your site to load and therefore cause you to lose valuable customers and revenue.

Even if your company has to pay a little more out of pocket per month you need to have a site that offers you a wide range of bandwidth. You need to be sure to ask the web hosting company about this before you sign up with them.

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Disk Space

A lot of businesses have made the mistake of finding a free web host and signing up in an effort to save money, but do not even pay attention to the disk space they are provided with. Be sure that the sites that you are considering offer the possibility of expanding your disk space so that as your site grows so will your disk space.

Domain Name

You need to be sure that the company name domain matches the web hostname before even thinking about giving out your personal information including your credit card number. This will save you from being scammed. If they do not match you definitely will want to look for a new company.


The web host that you are considering should offer you secure sites for your customers to purchase your items securely. If the customers feel that your site is not secured they will leave and you have missed out on sales.

Plan Ahead

Make sure you have a plan in place for when your website outgrows its original web hosting plan.

How to Avoid Webhosting Mistakes when choosing a website host

If you do not do this you can run into serious problems later. Make plans for your site to grow slowly so you will be ready for any situation that may come up.

Slow Servers

If your site is not fast on loading then your visitors will leave before your site even finishes loading. This can cost you numerous customers as well as revenue. You need to be sure that you find a web host company that offers you fast downloading speeds.

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Check and see if the company offers you the chance to design your own website for the greatest success. If the site has limitations on your design it can possibly cost you, customers. If they do have these limitations you may want to consider switching to a site that does not.

These are just some of the mistakes that you could make when you are choosing web hosting. Learning how to avoid them can lead you to a successful future with your internet business.

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