Domain Name Buying Tips – How to Find the Best Domain for your Website

Like many people please don’t go blindly buying domain names without having enough knowledge about them.

Whenever you want to buy a domain name, invest your time to buy it in a better way. Try to build a Brand out of your domain, well this guide is exactly for the same purpose.

The right domain name for your blog or website is crucial, for both your audience and search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Ignore the trends and only choose a name that makes sense for your business or the topic you want to write about.

Things you must know before Buying Domain Names

Here I’ll be listing the best suggestions to choose your domain name and as well as the major cautions you need to know before finalizing your new domain name.

Domain Name Buying Tips

1. Keywords – Try to Include your Target Niche Keywords

Before going for a domain name search do little keyword research and choose a minimum of 5 to 7 keywords that are related to your business or your blog niche, and 5 other random popular words.

Use these keywords with the popular domain name generating tools such as wordoid or Namemesh. These tools randomize keywords you entered and give a list of domain names that are available to buy.

If you are already running an offline business with a registered name then it is best to buy your domain in that name if it is available.

2. Consider Age of Domain

Are you are looking to buy an old domain name? Then you better consider age as a major SEO factor. An older domain has more domain trust value. But you need to consider a few factors here.

Like its history, that it has never been misused in the past. If it is misused it could contain a penalty and it will affect your online presence.

Look at to see what kind of website created on that domain name earlier.

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GoDaddy is the best place to buy a domain name or else you can buy from NameCheap, Google, etc… also

3. Buy domains that are easy to type and remember

Avoid hyphens, odd spellings of words, numbers, or other characters. Make it easy for your users to tell their friends about your site. Also, don’t buy a domain name that is too similar to an already existing website.

Why should you avoid numbers?

People easily get confused, whether the number is a numerical digit (3) or a word (three) and sometimes number “0” or a letter “O”.

If your company name has a number in the name, then it is good to buy both numerical and word versions and redirect one to the selected one.

4. Buy a domain that’s shorter rather than longer

Long domain names are hard to remember and the more chances to people can misspell one of the words.

Yes, most good single word domain names are already taken, but you can still get a good small domain name (Less than 15 Words) by a little creative thinking.

Choose your domain name as part of your brand, and make sure it suits how you want people to think of you.

5. Buy .com domain if you can – TLD (Top Level Domain) Extension

.com .org .net etc… are all TLD’s. Most people assume that a domain name ends with .com.

So, if you buy a domain name with other extensions (.net, .info, .org, etc.), then you need to put some extra efforts to get people to remember that your site has a different extension.

buying domain names

Avoid buying the same name with a different extension. For example, if someone has already bought then you should avoid buying

Because, in the long run, it will affect your overall online presence. Also, check if your domain name is already registered on any other TLD or not.

For example, if you want, then also check with your country TLD and other famous TLDs like (.org, .net, .info, etc)also. In the case of India, it is .in. If is already owned by someone else, then better consider other names.

Having the same domain names greatly affects your branding and so you must check that the domain is available on most TLDs.

If possible, try to grab as many extensions of your domain as possible, like .com .in, etc.  It increases your authority and branding.

You Must Check the below list before you Buy Web Hosting Services,

6. Whois Services

Domain name providers Godaddy and Namecheap offer you services like Private Registration. It means that your domain name registration details are kept private and won’t be available to the public at Whois Record (

But here bad thing is when you opt for this service your domain name registrar retains all rights to the domain as its owner.

It means for the Whois database, domain registrars register their own names and then they are the owners. No matter what we claim, or at any court, they are going to win.

So when you have a domain which is generating a lot of revenue (around $ 10k to 20k per day) and if your domain provider not as much reputed, then it is time to change it, and opt-out of whois service.

Because as per legal, your domain name provider has all rights to claim an income of the domain and also the name itself.

7. Buy Domain name for a long period

While you register a new domain, buy it for more than one year, because it works as a ranking factor. Also, you get a good discount when you buy it for a longer-term.

If your domain provider has a “Yearly Renewal Policy” and then no matter how many years you bought it, they will update your domain every year. But not at once for all the years you paid.

So read the T&C before you buy and if need use a tool like Whois to check the correct expiration date of your domain name.

8. What is EPP CODE?

EPP (Extensible Provisioning Protocol) Code is a unique domain authorization code also called which provides an extra level of security for your domain name registration.

Each domain name has a unique Epp Code and is assigned by the domain registrar at the time domain purchasing.

You should have this Auth Code to transfer your domain from one registrar to another. So while transferring your domain name, ask your domain name provider for the EPP Code.

9. Domain Slamming

Generally, most customers started receiving tons of emails and calls, just after registering a new domain name from different service providers.

This happens because your domain provider sold the info like your email address or mobile numbers. Sometimes it may happen due to automated bots also.

A free service called, it protects your data and saves you from domain slamming.

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10. Transfer Lock

Well, this is also known as domain “registrar lock “, which protects you from domain Slammers.

Because, the main goal of most domain slammers is making you click on an email, which transfers your domain name automatically to them.

But, if your transfer lock is active then it’s not possible for any of these slammers to transfer your domain name to any other provider.

So check whether it is inactive mode automatically when you register the domain or not? Also, is it under your control to turn it on or off by yourselves?

If your domain registrar doesn’t let you control your domain from your end and demanding extra payment, then it is time to change your registrar.

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So that was it. Consider all the points listed above, before you buy any domain name and make sure that all of them are in your favor.

Do you have any problem with your registrar? Then let me know in the comment box and also leave your suggestions regarding the process of buying a good domain name.

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