Best White Hat SEO Techniques – Most Important Search Engine Optimization Tips

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process, that will increase your site traffic (Readers) and visibility of your website in search engine result pages (SERPs).

Also, good SEO practices will improve your site rankings in search engines like Google, Bing and etc.

White Hat SEO Techniques

Here we mentioned best white hat SEO techniques that could boost your blog/site traffic and ranking in Search Engines.

Identify & Usage of Target Keywords

Proper Keyword research is the best SEO technique that you must know. So your first goal should be to identify at least a handful of potential SEO keywords to target within the natural search results.

Your keyword list should contain phrases that your potential customers are actually typing into the engines and that aren’t too competitive to rank for your site (based on the presence of websites in Google’s Top 10 results).

Once identified, these keywords should be integrated into your site in key areas like page titles, heading tags and your body content. So, learn how to do keyword research and get your target list.

Find super-long tail keywords and put them in your title tag. For example, if my target keyword for a post is “white hat SEO” well I obviously included the keyword “white hat SEO” in the post’s title.

But still it is not enough and I also found that the keyword “SEO Techniques 2019” also got some decent traffic.

So I decided to embed that long-tail keyword into the blog post title as White hat SEO techniques 2019. It is a well working white hat SEO Technique.

Focus on Content writing

Write your blog posts containing at least 1000 words. 1500+ words are even better. Writing unique and interesting articles always tops among the best search engine optimization tips.

So find a few best benefits that your site/blog readers want and make content with your targeted keywords (don’t forget to include few LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords also).

By improving keyword exposure and making your site with valuable content improves your free SEO traffic via natural search phrases you never even targeted on your site.

And it will improve your site bounce rate and time on site which are both believed to be playing important roles in search ranking algorithms also improves your site ranking in the SERPs.

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Make Good SEO Headlines

Don’t write the same headline for both the post and the page. The difference is between an article title is what we show to our readers, and a page title is what we show to search engines.

So use good plug-ins to make use of it, for example, “Yoast SEO” for WordPress.

Take advantage of Social Networking

Likes, shares and status updates about your blog/website on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are currently playing a crucial role in natural SERPs rankings.

Maintaining a presence on these sites is very important for your blog/site SEO.

So make it a priority to spare at least 10-20 minutes if possible each day posting to social networking sites and interacting with the people who follow your site page or profile.

While you’re spending time on popular social networking sites, then it’s also a good idea to connect with the power users on these platforms.

Identify the people you’d like to connect with based on their numbers of followers and their general authority within your industry, and then let your relationships with them build up naturally.

Because a single link share from one of these “influencers” could result in a significant amount of traffic and customers to your blog/website.

Share their content or offers to help them in some way will go a long way towards ensuring the success of your sharing request.

Set up Google Analytics Goals

Google Analytics is free and easy to use from Google and it provides incredible information that can be used to improve your blog/site’s conversion rates.

Once you’ve installed Google Analytics, wait for some time to establish website goals and set up the necessary event tracking features to determine how well your blog/site is performing.

Google Analytics tells you whether your blog readers are engaging with your site or not, what is the avg page time that user spending on your site and etc.


Make sure you link at least 1 quality relevant resources in every post that you publish. That will show Google that your page is will really helpful to readers. It is a very good white hat search engine optimization practice.

Link Building Campaigns

Optimizing your blog for branded keyword phrases and content is important, but it is only some part of SEO optimization. Another important and crucial part of SEO is backlink building.

Check your competitor site with Open Site Explorer or Majestic SEO to identify from where your competitors are getting their backlinks.

Use the data generated by those programs and identify potential linking sources & uncover missed link opportunities that could allow you to outrank your opponents in the SERPs.

Try Guest Posting

Guest Posting is best among the list of backlink building and it deserves a special mention too. As a guest author, you connect with other top influencers websites in your industry to provide guest blog posts in exchange for a link back to your site.

You will receive a high-quality relevant backlink and good traffic due to the transfer of perceived “recommendation” of your content by the referring site’s author.

With just some good guest post spots, it’s possible to increase both your natural search engine rankings and the amount of traffic flow to your site.

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TOP Tip: You can use the 301 Re-direction technique also, in which we redirect a domain that has good PA, DA, TF, CF and quality backlinks to our website. So that your main site will get all good SEO metrics of the redirected domain.

Send Juice to the pages that are really needed – Internal Link Building

Use your Google Webmaster Tools to find keywords where you rank on the 2nd or 3rd pages.

These keywords are in an average position of 11-30. And send juice to those pages by interlinking from top-visited pages in your site.

Site Speed

It is one of the crucial factors in Site Ranking. See, if we open a site and it taking hours to load a page. So what we do, immediately we close it and go for another site that provides the same kind of information.

So make your site loads in very less time and avoid losing users. Choose the right web hosting service company and plan to keep your site always up and load in time.

That’s all about the best Search Engine Optimization techniques. Please share your thoughts and recommendations about the latest SEO techniques with us by commenting below!

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