Best Website Performance Tips – Boost your Website’s Page Load Time Now

Are you facing Website Loading Issues, then check out our best Website Performance Tips to boost your site loading speed. We all know that The speed at which your website loads in a users’ browser plays a critical role in traffic conversion.

No matter how great and interesting your content is if it takes like forty years for them to appear, chances are, you’ll get very unsatisfied visitors which could, later on, result in a loss of readership or following on your end.

Best Website Performance Tips

Remember that, the first 10 seconds is the most important time in giving a quality user experience.

If a searcher did not find what he was looking for on your site within that amount of time, he’ll go elsewhere to search for other resources. Hence, load time is truly vital in delivering satisfactory UX.

Choose Best Web Host:

The first and foremost important element is deciding on the right Webhosting company. So, choose the best web hosting service provider before you make a plan to create a website/blog.

Check web hosting provider’s Uptime, Ram, Bandwidth, and Other configurations that meet your site’s requirements or not.

If not then move to other best web host services company, because bad WebHost may cause SITE DOWN issues. It will cause serious traffic issues and might end up losing valuable web traffic.

Best Website Performance Tips

4 Web Design Elements That Slow Down Page Load Time

Here are 4 web design elements that could be preventing you from having a fast-loading site.

It’s time to give them a boot not only to create happy, regular campers but to boost your SEO rankings as well.

Too much Flash:

Flash is an impressive add-on because it could provide an animated, interactive and immersive experience to anyone who views it.

However, it could be very bulky that it could turn incredibly unfriendly. Moreover, in today’s mobile age, it would not be wise to install such fancy elements as they are not compatible with mobile devices.

Overuse of third-party widgets:

Popular widgets that include Jquery and Javascript codes could be cool to the eyes and could enhance your website’s functionality at some point.

On the other hand, the process of loading those scripts from off-site locations could be a big contributor to the inconsistency of response times.

If you have several of them installed, there’s the tendency that your page would freeze and be unresponsive altogether. How you place them within your pages, i.e. within the head, body or bottom of the body tag, is also another factor to consider.

Site Speed - Web Hosting Services Tips

Unoptimized Images:

Full-sized, high-resolution pictures could cause delays as well. If they are not properly optimized and resized, they could consume a lot of bandwidth when loaded.

Among the common issues include wrong image format, maximum high-quality setting, width and height not scaled appropriately, even excessive usage in pagination, bulleted list, hover effects, etc.

Inefficient coding of stylesheets:

This one is not just about unnecessary whitespaces, characters, and line breaks.

There are also concerns about not using the proper CSS reset, being overly specific when selecting the element to style, not practicing shorthand techniques and employing redundant selectors and properties.

Follow all the above website performance tips to load your site fast. And also let us know if we miss any other best tips to improve site speed.

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