Best Search Engine Optimization Tips – Implement Powerful SEO Tips Now

Looking for Best Search Engine Optimization Tips? Well, before looking for just tips, I personally suggest you understand an in-depth process of SEO. So, then why to wait, let’s get into it…

Best Search Engine Optimization Tips

First of all What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a program rather than an algorithm inbuilt within popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing …etc.

That helps to get results in the organic part of the results page for the keyword (query) being searched. SEO is always done for the query for the webpage you desire to rank on top.

Best Search Engine Optimization Tips

A keyword is nothing but the word or a phrase being searched.

Ex: Hollywood, Hollywood Movie Reviews ….etc

Keyword Research:

It is the process of choosing the right keyword or set of keywords for SEO for your web page’s to rank on top. Never choose the keywords blindly, make use of the keyword research tools to find in-depth metrics, the time frame and the hard work required to secure the top position in the search engine.

The expected time frame to rank on top directly depends upon the number of competitors for the respective keyword.

Key Points:

  • If the keyword has got at least 4 words then getting top rank is mostly easy and fast.
  • Longer the keyword better it is for SEO, try to choose long keywords.
  • Search with the keyword with double quotation (“your keyword”) in google, and if you get results below 50k, and that particular keyword has at least 10k monthly searches then you are good to go with it.
    Example: “what is guest posting”
Keyword Research Techniques - best on page search engine optimization techniques

Plagiarism and Copy Scape:

The act of copying the content from other websites and producing the same in yours is called plagiarism.

It is an offense and from the SEO point of view, the sites that have unique content are always given the top priority to rank on top.

There are sites to check the uniqueness of the content:

Post only high-quality unique content in your Blog/Website. Never copy from other sites, and do not post spun articles.

Spun Articles: Copying articles from other sites and rearrange the words manually or with the help of article spinners are knowns as spun articles

Seo is mainly divided into two parts:

  1. On-page optimization: It will be done for the content that is will be posted on our site. It carries around 30% of weightage in SEO that can be covered easily with no extra time.
  2. Off-page Optimization: In this, we need to improve the ratings of our webpage from other websites. Most part of SEO work is done outside of our website hence termed as off-page optimization. It is the core part of SEO and carries 70% weightage, which requires regular work until your webpage comes on the desired rank.

End of the day both on-page and off-page to decide the ranking. The fact remains that if the keyword has got the least competition, the chances just with the perfect on-page optimization, itself you can rank on top.

Best Onpage SEO Optimization Techniques

Onpage SEO is the practice of optimizing your website/blog page content for search engines to get good organic traffic.

If you really want your webpages on top of search engine results, then follow each and every below-mentioned on-page SEO factors.

Here the list of Top factors that influences your web page On-Page SEO score

1. Permalinks:

URL stands for uniform resource locator, It is nothing but the address of the webpage.

An SEO friendly URL is termed as a permalink. If your URL satisfies the following points then it can be said as a permalink.

  • Must have your keywords
  • Must have least no of slashes
Permalinks - Best Search Engine Optimization Tips


Permalink for General Websites:

A general website is nothing but the sites that have been developed using coding like HTML, java, .net & PHP, etc.

To have a permalink in such sites, after you have done the coding on the page when you save it in the file name give your keywords, automatically that will go in URL.

Permalink in WordPress:

By default permalink is disabled in WordPress, to enable the same go-to admin > dashboard, in the ‘setting’ >permalink, select a ‘Post Name’ option and save the settings.

2. Title Tag:

<Title> Tag: The title of the webpage is should be descriptive, the first 50-60 characters are read by the search engines, and these are the words that should start with keywords.

Title Tag Optimization for Blog Post

The title of the webpage is displayed in the title bar of the browser, in Google’s organic search the title of the webpage is displayed in the first line of each result in blue color. The title has to be interesting so that the reader is attracted to open the webpage, also there should be only one title tag per webpage.

The length of the title tag should be 42 to 70. ( first 65 is important)

3. Meta Description Tag:

<meta description> Tag:  The meta description tag should consist of not more than 50 words, anywhere between 30 to 50 words. Make a good meta description, note that the first 25 words (155 – 160 characters) of the meta description should have your keywords. This part is displayed next to the title of each search result in Google organic.

Meta Description - On Page SEO Tips

In the meta description content, put your webpage description, see that the first 25 words (160 characters) you enter must have the keywords that you are targeting.

The limit of the meta description is 155 to 160 characters.

Note: The first 25 words of the webpage are considered as meta descriptions by the search engines if there is no description provided.

You may need to read the 7 Best Blog Commenting Tips that help you to gain good quality traffic to your blog.

4. Header Tag: 

Header tag (<h1>, <h2>…. <h6>).

This header tag of website pages should always consist of the keywords that you are targeting. There should be only one H1 tag per page for better ranking in Google header, you can have more than one <h2>and <h3> tags.

Syntax <h1>… </h1> on for all the heads tags from h2 to h6.

Write SEO Friendly Meta Description

H1 should not be equals to H2 should not be equal to H3, but must be interrelated if they are the same.

H1——- Inspirational Quotes
H2——- Vivekananda Inspirational Quotes
H3——- Inspirational quotes by Vivekananda for Women.

5. Image Alternative Text Tag:

It should always contain keywords that you are targeting. Do not give the same image alternative tag for more than 1 image, use different text but don’t forget to include the keyword that you are targeting.

Make Use of Image Alt Text Tag

Ex: If my keyword is “Mobiles” then I can have an image with alt text “Apple Mobiles, Samsung Mobiles, etc.

6. Font Decorative Tags:

Bold, Italic and Underline Tags: If your webpage has font in bold, italics or underline in any part of the text, see that they contain the keyword that you are targeting.

7. Keyword Density:

See that the keyword density on the webpage is as good as possible, a minimum keyword density between 1% – 3% must be maintained for better ranking in search engines and the starting 20 words of your webpage must have these keywords.

Keyword Density - Best On Page SEO Techniques

Make it look natural to the decoration in the ratio 1:1 (along with the keyword do for other words too ) and do it only for 30% of your keywords.

8. Avoid Using Flash : 

 In WordPress Google cannot read flash in your site.

9. Avoid Using Popup’s, Sticky ads : 

Avoid the popup and sticky ads in the header of your site.

10. Internal links:

Interlink all your blog pages with each other using your target keywords as anchor texts.

Interlink with your older blog posts

Also, every webpage must have a link to its related pages of the same site ideally these should be 4 to 5 such links at the bottom of webpage content with the heading as ‘Also Read’/Related Posts. For example, seel the links below this post.

11. Use External Links:

Link to relative high authority websites from your blog posts or pages, so that it gives a good impression in the eye of Search Engines like Google.

In below example, I have given a link to the WordPress Plugin Page, which might help my blog user like you

External Linking - WordPress Tutorials

12. Broken Links:

If at all any page on a website does not have navigation (link) to any other page of your website, this condition is called the broken link. It could be a big drawback of ‘SEO’.

For WordPress: You have many no.of plugins to check broken links on your site. Download and install the Broken Link Checker Plugin from WordPress admin, to check if your blog has any broken links.

13. The social media sharing button:

Add social bookmarking icon (social media sharing button) on every webpage of the site. AddThis and ShareThis WordPress plugins are best in the market to add social sharing icons to your blog/site.

Note: Don’t create multiple pages with the same content on your website.

14. Page load speed:

The page load speed should be higher, which means your website should load in the shortest span of time.

The best tool for measuring the site or webpage load time is the Pingdom tool which is present at the address It displays you each file load time, so you can find out which file is taking a lot of time to load.

It is said that only after all the files of your webpage are loaded then only your page loaded. Ideally, your webpage should be loaded in the shortest amount of time, that is within 3 sec. to get a better spot in search engines.

You can use also to check the speed of any Website/Blog

15. Meta Geo Tag:

This is a geographic tag which is used for targeting visitor from a specific location or region. A combination of Google search trends and geotag can give fruitful results to you immediately.

It is said that ranking becomes easier with respect to region-specific when Meta geotags are used for your webpage.

The best tool for generating meta geotag is

DC. Title this tag is associated with the meta geotag in which the keywords must be mentioned as some of the search engines read DC. Title tag instead of a title tag when you use a geo meta tag.

Meta GEO Tag for Blog - Top SEO Techniques

Syntax : <Meta name=”DC.Title” content=”…..”/>

By default, the entire WordPress website is targeted to the world for universal domain and for country-specific domain its own location, but if you want to have your own custom location for every post then install and activate the plugin: geotag’.

After the plugin is activated, at the bottom of each publish post page you will find the option to enter the geolocation.

If you want to target the entire website to a single location then directly copy-paste the generate geotag in the

Appearance > Editor > header.php file, save the file.

Congrats, you have successfully completed reading all important on-page SEO optimization tips. Now continue with the same phase to read the most crucial part of SEO.

Best Off-Page SEO Techniques

Offpage Optimization is the most important part of the SEO Process. Follow below Onpage Optimization steps to boost your site web traffic and SERP Rankings as well.

There are many different ways to do off-page optimization, but below I have mentioned a few that are really important.

Most of the below techniques we do in the process of getting backlinks, which are really really important for your website.

  • Article submissions
  • Press release distributions
  • SMO – Social Media Optimization
  • Guest Posting
  • Forum Discussions
  • Profile Creations
  • Blog Commenting

Each of the methods above gives you a free quality backlink in return to the useful and related content you have added to their site.

Some sites might demand a backlink or some money for the approval of the link, avoid such sites. Most sites offer free links and if approve 90% of them are permanent in nature that helps us achieve long last ranking.

1. Article submission

There are a set of websites that are like open blogs, which means such site admins do not post the information instead gives the opportunity for the registered users to log in and publish pages in his site and in return get the backlink too from the same page.

In the submission form, at the bottom, you will find a resource/author/editor box where the links have to be placed, add your backlink code in this box along with anchor text.

Articles Submisstion - Best Off Page SEO  Optimization Techniques

Maintain your keywords in the title, description, and body of the article to create a competitor page by yourself.

The process of submission is simple: register or login and submit an article. The chances of approval are 25% for the copied article and up to 75% for the unique article.

Never copy-paste your own article in multiple article submissions sites, they have an inbuilt tool to find if a similar article exists.

Note:  It has been found that the articles from .pdf files are generally not detected by the site owners and hence the approval rate is also around 50%. To find the result of pdf files in Google related to your keyword search like below

Syntax: <your keyword> filetype: pdf

Ex: iPhone XS Review  filetype: pdf

2. Press Release Distribution:

RSS Feeds-Really simple syndication, it is an XML file that carries the live duplicate copy of the webpage or part of its content.

The main use of RSS feeds is to improve live information like cricket score, golden rate, forex rate, weather report, news…etc in which the data changes dynamically from one site into another.

Before you can provide the live data of your site to other you must first install the feed burner software at the server and to consume the RSS feed the website must have feed reader software installed at the server-side.

By default, this software is installed in word press, and you can check it at,

Press Release Distribution - Best SEO Tips and Techniques

Little research in Google will guide you to RSS feeds for various sources.

In press release submission we submit the latest article (news article) related to our keyword and within this article supply the RSS feed URL too.

The process of submission is the same as article submission but here,

  1. You have to always submit news based information upon your keyword
  2. Place your backlink code of RSS feed at the bottom of the article itself.

***For fresh content go for Google news

3. Social Media Optimization (SMO):

If the site allows posting general information and personal both, then such sites are called social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, and etc.

These sites offer high quality of power in terms of backlink and hence make an important step in the off-page because of the following advantages:

  1. Most of the sites have high PA(Page Authority), DA(Domain Authority), TF(Trust Flow), and CF(Citation Flow).
  2. Almost all the sites offer free one-way quality backlink, so no question of purchasing the link on exchanging.
  3. Most of the links are auto-approved as there is no admin verification so 100% approval rates.
  4. Backlinks from SMO get indexed very fast as these sites are indexed frequently.
  5. Apart from the quality backlink, one can expect huge traffic from these sites giving extra income with ads.
  6. The process of submission is short and simple: login and share the link.
  7. Instantly multiple backlinks can be acquired from the same site.
Social Media Optimization for Off Page SEO

The list of sites under this category is also called web 2.0 properties or 2nd generation websites.

*Note: to make links more powerful instead of your name in the username, give your keywords as this goes directly in the URL creating a contextual page.

All the backlinks that have been indexed by the various search engines can be checked in their respective webmaster’s tools, in Google go to the dashboard and click on “Links”.

4. Guest Post

Guest Posting plays the most important part in Backlink Building which is a part of Off-Page Optimization.

As part of Guest Posting, you need to follow the below steps to build quality backlinks to your website/blog,

Find a list of High Authority Websites/Blogs in your blog’s specific niche that accepts guest posting. Use the below query to find those sites,

  • [Industry] guest article
  • [Industry] guest post
  • [Industry] write for us
Guest Posting - Latest Search Engine Optimzation Tips

Once you got the list, now write a unique high-quality article by including your backlink and send them for approval. If they accept your article, then they will post on their blog means you will get one high-quality backlink for your blog.

Now repeat the same process to get more quality backlinks.

In a similar way, we have one more concept called broken link building. But first, here we should find pages from high authority sites that have broken links by using some free or paid tools like ahrefs.

I suggest you refer backlinko and Matthew Woodward blogs to learn more about advanced link building techniques.

Note: 301 redirection technique also works too well, in which we buy the good expired domains and redirect them to our main site to pass its backlinks and value to our site.

5. Forum Discussion:

There are tons of websites where people participate in discussions on any debatable or reviewable topic, like Quora, Google groups, yahoo answers such sites are called discussion boards or forums.

As an SEO professional, you must go to these sites and find pages where the discussion is based upon our keyword. Then post your suggestions by keeping your corresponding blog page link in it.

Ex: of forum site is

Note: Most of the forum sites do not accept <href….> code link instead they accept only the bb code, the format of bb code for a forum like below

Participate in Forum Discussions to Boost Blog Traffic

[url=”your_webpage_address”] keyword [/url]

Ex: [url=””] SEO TIPS [/url]

***If the link is still not confirmed then remove the double quotes from URL.

Note: Use 8:2 rule, means if you answer 10 questions, place your blog link only in 2 answers. Use below syntax to find your Blog niche relative forums

Syntax: inurl:forum <keyword>

Ex: inurl:forum motivational quotes.

6. Profile Creations:

Most of the popular social networking websites, bookmarking sites, forums, and high authority .edu sites have a profile in them. In some of these sites, there is an option to enter the website/Webpage links too in the profile. So, to get a backlink you just need to create dummy profile accounts in these sites and give your link on your profile page.

This step is one of the most powerful because the backlinks are strongest here:

  1. Because the profile creates a new page on the website, and the indexing is much faster so the response of ranking can be noted at the earliest.
  2. Most of the profile links by default ‘DO follow’, that is said to be having permanent power. Ex:
Profile Creation - Off Page SEO Tips

***Never place more than 3 links in a single profile.

***NOTE: Doing this step in excess might lead to your site in spam because when search engines find concentrated backlinks coming from the single step of off-page they become suspicious about your site ranking and check the same manually.

Always dilute the profile backlinks by maintaining a limit of up to 10% of total domain backlinks (check-in webmaster tools).

7. Blog Commenting:

More than 50% of websites registered in the world are blogs, by default in every blog at the bottom of each page you will find the comment box which is meant for the visitors to add their opinion/suggestions related to the topic posted by the owner of the blog.

The comment box helps the blog owner in several ways

  1. Blog Commenting helps in faster indexing of the pages as each of the pages is updated frequently.
  2. It adds more and more unique content by the visitors themselves thereby improving the factor in SEO.
  3. It naturally improves the keyword density too.

But through the comments, some people post spammy messages with backlinks to their blogs.

Blog Commenting - Off Page Search Engine Optimization

Because of this reason, 50% of blog owners switch off the comments option, which can be done through the backend settings.

There are two types of blog comment boxes:

Type-1: Has the combination of two fields ‘name’ and ‘website’. In such type of comment box instead of your name, give your keyword and instead of the website, give the URL of the page you are targeting.

Type-2: Does not have the combination of name and URL. In this type of comment box, you have to place your backlink code <ahref….> along with the message itself, 90% of the message box accepts HTML code too.

You must learn how to do Blog Commenting in an effective manner that can be easily approved and helps you to build a good relationship with fellow bloggers.

But, don’t do blog commenting much as it has very low value compared to other backlink building techniques such as guest posts and article submission.

That’s all guys, I hope now you have some idea on Search Engine Optimization and how we can do it. Please share with your friends which may help them too and let us know your suggestion on this post by commenting below. Thanks for reading 🙂

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