What is Green Web Hosting – 5 Powerful and Best Green Web Hosting Companies

Are you really in search of finding the Best Green Web Host Companies to host your Blog/Website? or maybe want to know what is this Green Web Hosting actually is?

So then why to wait, lets get started. In the good old days, we could use our natural resources any way we wanted. It is becoming more and more apparent that we must use all our resources wisely.

It is applicable to the energy consumption of web hosting companies as well. So, we have found below Best Green Web Hosting Companies that are using good natural energy to maintain their web servers.

Best Green Web Hosting Companies

Quick List:

  1. GreenGeeks – Fast, Secure, and 1st Eco Friendly Web Hosting Provider
  2. Hostgator – Powerful Web Hosting provider with best support service
  3. HostPapa – Fast Reliable Hosting from the best Hosting Company
  4. DreamHost – Budget Friendly hosting provider with good uptime, speed
  5. A2Hosting – Faster Web Hosting services with Best Features

Detailed list of Top 5 Green Web Hosting Service Providers:

Hosting ProviderService Features
Our RatingPlans & Prices
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* Free Domain Name & Migration
* Fast & scalable
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What is Green Hosting?

Wind farm green hosting is when a web host does whatever they can to use renewable resources such as wind power to power their data center.

They also need to be as efficient as possible in the use of all the energy by choosing energy-efficient computers, lighting sources, and HVAC systems.

The objective of green hosting is to make no impact on the environment through the use of polluting fuels to generate electricity such as oil or coal. This is a high and worthy goal.

Nowadays we can see a few wind farms and also hydroelectric dams. We also can see many private citizens with solar panels and windmills on their property generating electricity for their use and feeding the grid with the extra electricity that they don’t use.

I can’t tell you where my electricity comes from. I would like to think it comes from the hydro dam just down the street, but I just don’t know.

Once the hydro dams put their electricity onto the grid there is no way to distinguish that electricity from any other.

Problems with wind and solar energy

When the wind isn’t blowing and the sun isn’t shining the people who use this type of renewable energy generators don’t have any electricity that they are generating.

They have to pull from the grid. This means using electricity that may have been generated using oil, nuclear reaction or coal.

Solar panels have not found any web hosting companies that actually use wind or solar power on their property to power their data centers 24 hours a day.

They need reliable power 24 hours a day so they pull energy from the grid just like any other company. There is one solar data center in Los Angeles, CA that is used by Green Webhost. Their home office is in the UK. At night they pull from the grid.

What makes a green web hosting company?

Companies purchase renewable energy credits (RECs). This means they are using whatever energy they have come into the building and then purchase these RECs to make their operation carbon neutral.

Some companies actually purchase more RECs than the energy they use. greengeeks.com purchases three times the RECs as the energy they use.

This also funds projects for renewable energy. The data centers of these web hosting companies are not usually run by wind power, but they do fund wind energy projects. It’s nice to know that your money is going towards creating more renewable energy sources.

Some companies also use the most energy-efficient computers and lighting they can find. This makes their energy usage much lower.

Some companies plant trees and use solar panels to power their offices. They encourage the use of public transportation or using bicycles for commuting to work.

When making a choice of what web host to choose, one of the deciding factors that you can consider is whether the company is a green web host or not.

If you have 2 web hosts providing the same level of service at the same price maybe the greener company would be a better choice for you.

What is Green Web Hosting

What is the best green web host?

What is the best green web host for small businesses? That depends on what criteria you use to define green.

The objective of green hosting is to make no impact on the environment through the use of polluting fuels to generate electricity such as oil or coal. The Green hosts do this by purchasing renewable energy credits (RECs) and by using whatever energy they do use efficiently.

How do you evaluate green web hosting?

If you ask me, The solar panel is my initial criteria for the best green web host and a web host that uses as little if any traditional energy sources.

I also looking for reliable web services provided by a company that has been in business for at least 5 years and has over 100,000 hosted domains.

I also opened up my criteria to include those companies that use RECs to offset their traditional electric consumption at least 100%. Last but not least, I also require that the company use whatever energy they do use in the most efficient way.

What Web Hosts meet these criteria?

All of the web hosts must provide shared and dedicated web hosting options and provide them at a reasonable price. There are 2 green web hosts that meet my criteria. They are GreenGeeks and HostGator.

Both hosting companies use RECs purchased from wind farms. So which one is better? If you are looking for an established company with over 2 million hosted domains then HostGator is your choice.

To buy a web hosting plan from Hostgator click here

What is the best green web host available?

However, if you are looking for the greenest company that is affordable, reliable and responsible then Green Geeks is your choice.

To buy web hosting from GreenGeeks click here.

GreenGeeks purchases three times the RECs as the energy they use. That means that they are giving back to investing in wind energy three times what they use. This means you will be investing in renewable energy when you host your website. This is fantastic!

Green Geeks makes use of the most energy-efficient web server available and configures them to run even more efficiently.

This all sounds great, but what are their services like? They provide 99.87% uptime, fast connect speeds, excellent customer support, and all the necessary applications that you need to start your websites such as WordPress.

They provide cPanel for ease of managing your website. From cPanel you can install your applications, update them, and monitor your website statistics with the ease of point and click technology.

Check below links to get to know more about Web Hosting Services,

In short, GreenGeeks provides reliable, professional, easy to use green web hosting that is as efficient on energy as it is on costs. You can get started for as low as $2.95 per month.

To sign up for GreenGeeks Web Hosting click here.

Note: A few links in this post contain affiliate links, which means I may receive some commission if you buy through those links. Thanks for supporting my blogging dreams! 🙂

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